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Experience Christmas in Omaha 2023

Experience Christmas in Omaha 2023There is no place like Omaha for the holidays. If you are planning a move to Omaha, you will definitely want to know what is going on during the holiday season to help you get comfortable in your new hometown. Here is a list of popular family-friendly events to check out in Omaha and help you get a feel for the holiday culture in the city. As well as a few more links about extra events going on. 

Omaha Holiday Family Friendly Events 2023

Family Nights at the Durham Museum with Santa

Starting November 28th and continuing through Christmas

On Tuesdays between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Omaha's most famous museum...

Working with a Real Estate Agent Helps Omaha Buyers and Sellers Ease Fears

Working with a Real Estate Agent Helps Omaha Buyers and Sellers Ease FearsIf you are an Omaha home buyer or seller and have been looking at the recent news concerning the real estate market here and around the country it may have you feeling worried about moving forward with the purchase or sale of an Omaha home.

It's not uncommon to be feeling apprehensive concerning real estate currently as the market has taken some deep twists and turns in the last few years. It has certainly become challenging in several areas and reading negative headlines or hearing someone's challenging experience can bring feelings of fear or uncertainty when it comes to their own real estate goals.

The good...

Today's Popular Homebuying Advice That Might Land Omaha Buyers in Hot Water

Today's Popular Homebuying Advice That Might Land Omaha Buyers in Hot WaterAs interest rates remain high for Omaha home buyers and property values continue to increase home buyers are looking for alternative strategies to help make purchasing a needed Omaha home more affordable.

A common phrase you may hear from some real estate professionals to home buyers looking for ways to save on a home purchase is the "date the rate marry the house" strategy. This is advice that tells Omaha homebuyers that they can buy a home now and refinance it in the future with better mortgage terms.

What some well-meaning real estate agents may not realize is that it can be detrimental advice to some Omaha...

Dog Friendly Landscaping Tips For Your Omaha Home

Dog Friendly Landscaping Tips For Your Omaha HomeIf you have just purchased a home in Omaha or have owned a home with a gorgeous yard and have decided to bring a cute snuggly furry friend home you are probably wondering how you can keep your yard looking great. Or maybe you have a furry family member and want to purchase an Omaha home with a great yard. 

Dogs add so much joy and energy to our lives, but they also need some outdoor space to play and exercise and that exercise time can wear down a landscape. With the right tricks up your sleeve, you can create a beautiful landscape that can hold up to the cutest members of your family enjoying plenty of hours of playtime and keeping them safe from harmful plants at the same time. 


Can I Still Decorate My Omaha Home for the Holidays When its Listed for Sale?

Can I Still Decorate My Omaha Home for the Holidays When its Listed for Sale?If you have your Omaha home listed for sale as we gear up for the holiday season you may be wondering if you should bring out the holiday decorations this year or keep them in the boxes. After all, you don't want to risk having too much clutter out and turning buyers off to purchasing your home. The good news is you do not have to completely ignore your holiday decorations when your home is for sale. There are a few helpful tips for decorating while your home is listed that can help you enjoy your home in a comforting atmosphere during the holidays and still successfully show it to potential buyers.

Here are some...

Unique Activities to Enjoy in Omaha

Unique Activities to Enjoy in OmahaOmaha is an amazing place and if you are considering a move here you may be wondering what we might say to back up that claim. You might be looking for what Omaha has to offer its residents to do when they are not at work or have their kids in school or activities. Read on to discover some of the fun and unique things you can enjoy only in Omaha. 

Enjoy a Steak

Okay so you can do this anywhere, but here me out, Omaha is the place to eat a steak. Make sure you check out Brother Sebastian's Steakhouse. This is the most unique steakhouse experience with a monastery-style atmosphere. The meat is locally raised in Nebraska beef. The best steak in a cozy atmosphere is only...

Selling Your Omaha Home During the Holiday Season

It is said that the prime real estate season is the spring and into the summer. Some people have considered the months of November and December, the holiday season, the worst time to put your Omaha house up for sale. It can seem like a crazy time to let strangers into your house and scrutinize it to decide if they would like to buy it, but there are some advantages to listing a home for sale during the holiday season. 

Here are Some Tips for Selling Your Home at this Time of Year

Hire Some Help 

This time of year is busy take a ton of stress and work off your plate by hiring an experienced local real estate agent. No matter the time of year selling with the help of an agent has been proven to sell homes more successfully. Make sure to ask plenty of questions before hiring anyone. Discuss thoroughly your reasons for selling and expectations of the process. 

A trustworthy agent can expertly market...

What is an Informational Purposes Only Inspection, and Why Omaha Home Sellers Need to Know

What is an Informational Purposes Only Inspection, and Why Omaha Home Sellers Need to KnowIn the process of buying and selling Omaha real estate there are several details. When it comes to making sure you know what you are doing in a real estate transaction to protect yourself much of the information is focused on homebuying. But there are some things that Omaha home sellers want to be knowledgeable of when putting their home up for sale to ensure they are protected and selling to the right person. 

One of these areas is home inspection. Over the last three years, there have been a lot of crazy things happening where home inspection is concerned. There have been a...

Family Friendly Fall Activities Around Omaha in 2023

Family Friendly Fall Activities Around Omaha in 2023Omaha and its surrounding areas are full of countless fun things to do especially during the fall season. If you have just moved to Omaha or are wanting to check the Omaha area out for a potential move here it is always good to know what is going on in the area. Here are some of the family-friendly fall activities happening in the Omaha area in fall 2023.

Ghouls and Glow at the Henry Doorley Zoo and Aquarium

A popular event every spooky season is the 400 giant lanterns custom-made for the zoo that light the pathway along the Bay Family's Children's Adventure Trails. Spectate dancing skeletons, ghosts, sugar skulls, a mummy band, witches, and jack-o'-lanterns galore. This year there will...

Reasons to Turn Down an Offer on Your Omaha Home

Reasons to Turn Down an Offer on Your Omaha HomeIn this long-continued seller's market in Omaha and several other locations across the country, many homebuyers have had success selling their homes at or above the list price. And for a homeowner selling their home to the first buyer to make an offer just days after listing for full price can seem like a great situation. But there are some times when it might make more sense to turn down an offer on your Omaha home even if it is for the full amount or more.

Here are some reasons to turn down an offer on your Omaha home

A pre-approval letter is missing

The pre-approval letter is an official document stating...