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Best Way To Clean A Large Home Consistently

Keeping up with the daily housekeeping can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time.  Keeping a clean home is less about the time involved, and more about creating some good habits that you start to just follow instinctively. Before you dust, wipe and scrub, one of the first things you should do is, pick up, and put away everything has gathered on the floor. Once you've got your cleaning schedule down and decluttering out of the way, it's time to start cleaning.Best Way To Clean A Large Home Consistently

Work Smart, Not Hard

One of the tools that help her work smarter is a cordless electric spin scrubber with an extendable arm. With the extendable arm, you don't have to bend over to clean large tubs or showers. Cleaning...

7 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

Omaha is seeing abundant development as an increasing number of people realize what an ideal place it is to live, with beautiful parks, a thriving job market, and family friendly amenities. One of the benefits of buying a home in a growing city is the opportunity to buy a new construction home.7 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

If you are unsure of whether a new construction home is the right fit for you, we have highlighted a few of the benefits below to help you make your decision. As always, contact us with any questions; we would love to help you navigate the search for your new home.

1. A Fresh Start

Buying a new construction home has the obvious benefit of offering you...

Are You Better Suited for a Starter Home or a Forever Home?

Are You Better Suited for a Starter Home or a Forever Home

You feel ready to become a homeowner, but maybe you feel uncertain about the type of residential property that suits you, your family, and your desires most favorably. Should you move into what could be the first of several homes, or would it be better to look for your first and last residential property? Flatwater Realty explains how to choose between a forever home and a starter residence.

Starter Home Pros and Cons

AZ Big Media notes that you make compromises on a starter...

4 Steps to Save Money to Buy a House


The smartest way to go about buying a house is to make sure you save plenty of money to ensure a smooth transaction. Buying a home isn't only about saving for a down payment, you have to consider closing costs, down payment, and moving expenses as well. Where do you begin?4 Steps to Save Money to Buy a House

Estimate How Much You Should Save

A good general rule to how much you should save for a house is 25% of a home's purchase price to cover the upfront costs. What does that entail? The down payment can be anywhere from 3 - 20% of the purchase price of the home, the ...

Buying a House When You Have Student Debt

Buying a House When You Have Student Debt

If you are a part of the 46 million Americans with student debt, you may be wondering if you will be able to buy a home before paying off those college loans. Though taking on a mortgage while having existing debt may not be the right choice for everyone, there are some cases in which it is totally possible and manageable.

To qualify for a mortgage before you have paid off your student loans, there are a few things you will need to focus on to show your lender that you are able to manage it all.

Credit Score

While your student debt will factor into your mortgage approval, your lender will look at much more than just how much debt you are in. They want to see how well you manage that debt and if you have a reputation...

Pros and Cons of FSBO

Pros and Cons of FSBO

You may be thinking about selling a home yourself to avoid paying a real estate agent, which is understandable. You may wind up making more money overall. However, there are some cons to selling for sale by the owner without the help of an agent. Make sure you know the drawbacks as well as the benefits to the for sale by owner process before you leap. Just be sure you realize selling a home for sale by owner is a lot harder than you think.

Pros to Selling a Home For Sale By Owner

You may make more money from the sale

When you sell the home yourself, you don’t have to pay for the help of a real estate agent. Since real estate agents can charge a percentage fee based on the sale price, you could save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. Saving a commission is in fact,...

What is Delayed Financing? How it Can Help Cash Buyers

What is Delayed Financing How it Can Help Cash Buyers

More and more home buyers are purchasing real estate with cash. This is a tactic used to help an offer look more promising than others in a highly competitive market. For some cash buyers, this could mean all of their money gets tied up in the property. For this type of cash, buyer delayed financing can help bring some freedom back to their financial situation.

The definition of delayed financing in a real estate purchase

Delayed financing is the method of retaining a mortgage after you have already purchased a property with cash. This offers someone the ability to purchase a home using their personal cash to secure ownership and then quickly apply for a cash-out refinance to mortgage the home....

Free Apps to Help with Your Next Home Renovation

Spring is the time that many people begin to think of giving their home a freshen-up. Whether it be restyling a room or adding a completely new one. Most of us that are less than blessed with the natural creativity of an interior designer may need a little help with the inspiration or execution of our plans.Free Apps to Help with Your Next Home Renovation

Luckily there are now some great free apps that you can use to help you with your home projects big or small.

Connect with a design professional on the Houzz app

This app is pretty large and even has its own website full of countless ideas and articles. Those who know about Houzz are well aware that it helps you to plan prepare and even find ideas for remodeling inside and outside of your house....

How to Buy a Home the Dave Ramsey Way

Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial advisor that has helped many people to climb out of debt and become more financially independent. In many cases, the goal is to live completely debt-free. When it comes to purchasing a home, it might seem impossible to do so with the goal of owning all of your possessions outright.How to Buy a Home the Dave Ramsey Way

While many aspects of Dave Ramsey’s advice are about living without owing money on anything there are small baby steps to take to get there. When it comes to purchasing a house, his advice is more so about making sure you’re purchasing when you can truly afford it and will help you to build wealth over time.

When it comes to purchasing a home that you can be confident about Dave Ramsey suggests 10 steps to the homebuying process.


Home Partners of America Help First Time Buyers Get Into Homes Now

Home Partners of America Help First Time Buyers Get Into Homes Now

Home Partners is a company that partners with potential homebuyers helping in the process of purchasing homes for those who would like to rent and consider purchasing the home at a later date. This is a means that can be a great alternative for those finding it hard to navigate the current highly competitive real estate market. Especially buyers using mortgages like FHA and VA loans.

Those who are interested in using the home partners program need to go through the process of applying and meeting certain qualifications. If a buyer qualifies, they have the option to search for a home and lease it for anywhere from 1 to 5 years....