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Omaha Neighborhoods That Have Great Walk Scores

No matter the housing and neighborhood trends there is one type of neighborhood that is always desirable to potential buyers and that it is a neighborhood within walking distance of your favorite places. Finding a desirable Omaha home within a walkable location is always on several Omaha homebuyer wish lists. If you are looking for an Omaha home that is within walking distance to hotspots in Omaha read on to find out about some of the most popular walkable neighborhoods in the city.

Dundee/Memorial Park

Omaha Neighborhoods That Have Great Walk Scores

The Dundee neighborhood has been given a walk score of 78. It is located in Central Omaha ...

Finding a Gym After a Move to Omaha

Finding a Gym After a Move to OmahaOmaha is an amazing place to relocate and if you have just moved here or are considering a move here you may be wondering how you are going to keep those new fitness goals going. To help you get to know the Omaha area better we have compiled a list of the most popular fitness gyms in Omaha to help keep your goals on track.

What makes Omaha"s top-rated gyms?

Before getting to our list of the best gyms in Omaha we would like to share a little bit about why the gyms are rated as the top gyms in the area. Several different qualities bring about popularity and an excellent fitness experience. These gyms listed below had a very strong ranking when it came to the community, personal trainers, reviews on websites like Google, level...

Using Mortgage Seasoning to Purchase an Omaha Home

Using Mortgage Seasoning to Purchase an Omaha HomeWhat is Mortgage Seasoning?

Seasoning, when it comes to a mortgage loan, is a term used to describe how long money has been in a borrower's account. Seasoning is used most often to look at monies allocated to make a downpayment on a home purchase. It is also used for assessing closing costs and any other out-of-pocket expenses a buyer may face when purchasing an Omaha home. 

When a lender looks at how "seasoned" a buyer's funds for a home purchase are they are looking at how long the buyer has had the money. They want to see that the cash a buyer has available to use for a home purchase has been in an account for a specified amount of time and that the money was not recently acquired...

What is a Due on Sale Clause When Purchasing a Home in Omaha?

What is a Due on Sale Clause When Purchasing a Home in Omaha?When purchasing a home in Omaha it is best to know as much information about the process as possible. Part of the home purchase process is making sure you know about mortgages and what they entail. Mortgages can include several different requirements and a lot of paperwork. Within that paperwork, there can be clauses and language that you may have never come across.

One of those clauses in mortgage paperwork is a due on-sale clause.

What is a due-on-sale clause?

A due on-sale clause is sometimes also referred to as an acceleration clause and it is a common portion...

Refreshing Your Omaha Home on Any Budget

Refreshing Your Omaha Home on Any BudgetThe majority of Omaha homeowners can agree that there is an area of their home they have considered giving a refresh. For some Omaha homeowners, the increase in prices to purchase needed items for these refreshes has kept them from making those needed or wanted improvements to their homes. There is good news, there are some simple refreshers you can make to your home at any budget.

Simple updates you can make for under $50

Adding artwork

If your walls are looking a little bare and could use some interest to them or if it is time for a new look to your wall decor, try some new artwork. You can easily grab frames from a secondhand store and give them a quick makeover with an inexpensive coat of paint. Spray paint is...

In Need of a Laugh? 6 Omaha Comedy Clubs to Check Out

In Need of a Laugh? 6 Omaha Comedy Clubs to Check OutIf you are looking to move to Omaha you're probably trying to gather as much information about the city as possible. Such as what the schools are like if you have a family and what clubs there are to get involved in. As well as what there is to do with your free time to discover if you will like living here.

We like to help potential Omaha homebuyers get to know Omaha so they can love it as much as we do. One thing that Omaha has is a great entertainment scene and if you love to laugh you can find some fun comedy spots around the city. Here are six of the most popular comedy clubs in Omaha.

Omaha's Best Comedy Clubs


Why Do Home Sellers and Home Buyers Rarely Meet in an Omaha home sale?

 Why Do Home Sellers and Home Buyers Rarely Meet in an Omaha home sale?The average or traditional Omaha home sale transaction usually includes a homeowner listing a home for sale, a buyer making an offer, and the seller accepting that offer resulting in money being transferred and ownership of the property to the new owner. During this process, it is not uncommon for the buying and selling parties to hardly talk to each other if they meet at all. Some people may wonder why this is so.

In most Omaha home sale transactions and a majority of American home sale transactions, the real estate representation does most of the talking, negotiation,...

Market Statistics That Look Promising for Omaha Buyers

Market Statistics That Look Promising for Omaha BuyersThis time of year the real estate market tends to slow down as people become busy with holiday celebrations and activities. The housing market has been challenging for buyers in many markets and if you are hoping to purchase a home there could be some promising news when going over real estate market numbers for the past few weeks.

One of the most interesting pieces of real estate market news for Omaha homebuyers is that the interest rates for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan dropped again. For the week ending November 22, the interest rate came down to 7.29% when it had been hovering around eight for sometime. Another big headline from real estate market news was that the number of home ...

Experience Christmas in Omaha 2023

Experience Christmas in Omaha 2023There is no place like Omaha for the holidays. If you are planning a move to Omaha, you will definitely want to know what is going on during the holiday season to help you get comfortable in your new hometown. Here is a list of popular family-friendly events to check out in Omaha and help you get a feel for the holiday culture in the city. As well as a few more links about extra events going on. 

Omaha Holiday Family Friendly Events 2023

Family Nights at the Durham Museum with Santa

Starting November 28th and continuing through Christmas

On Tuesdays between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Omaha's most famous museum makes it easy to enjoy family...

Working with a Real Estate Agent Helps Omaha Buyers and Sellers Ease Fears

Working with a Real Estate Agent Helps Omaha Buyers and Sellers Ease FearsIf you are an Omaha home buyer or seller and have been looking at the recent news concerning the real estate market here and around the country it may have you feeling worried about moving forward with the purchase or sale of an Omaha home.

It's not uncommon to be feeling apprehensive concerning real estate currently as the market has taken some deep twists and turns in the last few years. It has certainly become challenging in several areas and reading negative headlines or hearing someone's challenging experience can bring feelings of fear or uncertainty when it comes to their own real estate goals.

The good news is that you don't have to...