Good Seafood in Omaha, It Absolutely does exist!

We’re going to look at something today that a lot of people have uttered on their lips and we want to prove wrong, “Does great seafood exist in the Midwest, and the city of Omaha?” one of the culinary opinions that exist amongst “seafood snobs” is that delicious seafood locales like the state of Maine for Lobster and the city of Seattle for fish are really the only kind of place you’d want to be caught dead with a sampler platter. While true that the patterns of movement via air or ground can cause the seafood to not taste the same, we’re going to put up a hefty argument that overall, Omaha is a prime metro area to sample shrimp, scallops, halibut, roughy, trout, oyster, and all the goods that come straight from the Atlantic and Pacific in all their greasy, tender glory. From Benson to the Old Market, Omaha is absolutely a place that you can obtain great seafood eats, and deliciously more than simply subpar. Here’s a quick list that should get you excited to taste the succulence of the sea right here in the big O.


This gem for seafood in the Benson area has high ratings on Yelp and a lot of folks we know keep talking about it. Black Snapper, Ceviche, fried squid, and scallop in brown butter sauce are all high on the favorite list here. Trademark drinks like the Cuba Libra, great sushi rolls and friendly service, this one always retains a high spot on the list. Great place to hit up before the waiting room or beer arcade in the same vibrant and hip district.

Shuck’s Fish House and Oyster Bar:

Whenever we ask about ­which place is the freshest in terms of seafood, this joint always comes up in the conversation. The happy hour here is known to be fantastic, a perfect time to sample everything from blue points oysters on up to the very best. Peel and eat shrimp, delicious catfish fingers, clam strips, and calamari are also on the options list for the eater to devour and satisfy your seafood craving. Steamed veggies, Lobster bisque, crab cakes and much more are here for the discerning sea foodie in the city. You can’t really go wrong with Shuck’s; they have a reputation for freshness and high quality.

Charlie’s on the Lake:

This seafood gem on south 144th is by far one of the hottest spots for a seafood lunch in the city of Omaha, hands down. Alaskan and Boston Cod, Catfish, Blackened Grouper, Salmon, fried tilapia, fish and chips, and some of the best seafood enchiladas in the Midwest are all here in this place with steakhouse ambiance and an overall warm and friendly atmosphere. Other great selections like Portobello chicken, chicken piccatta, BLT’s, and Groupers are up for grabs; and the clam chowder we hear is almost as good as what you’d find in Boston by the bay itself.

Plank Seafood and Provisions:

Voted best new restaurant in 2013 and having a menu faithful to the tradition of fresh seafood, the goods here come from a wood fire grill, and their very own custom smoker. Here you can get awesome offerings like bbq oyster, oysters Rockefeller, Potato Crusted Calamari, Scottish Salmon Crostini, and Good Ole Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. One item of interest to the discerning seafood connoisseur here is the lobster wedge, with applewood smoked bacon, avocado, carrots, grape tomatoes, red and green onions, blue cheese crumbles, and a sherry vinaigrette. You can also snag a po’ boy sandwich with catfish, shrimp, oyster, and even alligator here, and another extreme novelty item for the palate is crispy oyster blt sliders. With a split top slider bun, and a special chive horseradish, it’ll make you think of seafood shacks and sand in your toes within seconds.

Bonefish Grill:

A chain that is still great at leaving the stuffiness out of their routine, many service industry professionals and patrons just looking to unwind with great food choose Bonefish. The last person we talked to that was a sous chef in a primo old market joint said that the Talapia Imperial was his favorite, stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat, lemon caper butter, fresh seasonal butter, in one fine explosion of saltwater infused goodness. Chicken sea bass, Atlantic salmon, Ahi Tuna Steak, and cold water lobster tails are other great reason to come to Bonefish and sample the high quality offerings. Great location, décor and ambiance will welcome you here; as well as all of the other Omaha seafood places on our list.

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