Lake Zorinsky A Great Recreational Area of West Omaha

I am buying a new home.  That statement seems so simple, but the complexities of buying a new home go well beyond just finding one with the space that you need.  Location, school districts, square footage, how many garage spaces and style all go into finding your perfect new home.  Some of these things will weigh heavier in your needs and wants then others, but I beg you to remember one key thing.  There are a lot of things you can change about your home, but you can never change the location.

When my husband I decided it was time to start looking for our new home, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be with walking distance of the Zorinsky Lake Recreational area.  It was close to my work, close to many of the places I like to shop and best of all – the limitless opportunity to enjoy Zorinsky with my son.

Having lived near and visited many of the recreational areas within Omaha, Zorinsky has by far the most to offer.  If you have ever driven down 168th or 156th on the first nice day of spring you will see hundreds of people out and enjoying the park’s various amenities:

Fishing:  Although the lake is no-wake with a speed limit of 5MPH, there is a boat ramp on the east side of the lake for easy loading and unloading.  If you don’t have a boat Zorinsky also offers a universally accessible dock and fish cleaning stations. The lake was stocked with both largemouth bass and Walleye in 2009.

Bike Riding/Running and Walking: With over 7 miles of tree lined trails Zorinsky is a wonderful place for cardio activities.  There are numerous accesses to the park from the surrounding neighborhoods as well as the two main entrances off 168th and 156th. It is not uncommon to see animals along the trails in the early morning and dusk hours.

Field Sports:  There are several playing fields throughout the park that are often open for public use.

Playgrounds: There are two playgrounds in the park that offer a variety of play structures.  No matter your child’s age there is something that is age appropriate for everyone.

Parties:  There are several Pavilions around Zorinsky that can be rented out for gatherings or used for picnics on nice days.  These Pavilions also have grills and there are public restrooms in the park.

Equestrian:  Horses are welcome at Zorinsky as well on any of trails.

Zorinsky Aquatic Center: This is the biggest public pool in Omaha with the capacity to hold over 400 patrons at one time.  There are two slides as well a play structure in pool. You can also get swim lessons and have pool parties here.  It is open from June 2nd to August 12th after noon, the entrance fees are only 5$ for adults and 4$ for children.

Being someone who loves the outdoors and all that this facility has to offer picking the location for my new home was easy. I cannot wait to get out my Kayak’s and Bike Trailer and enjoy this wonderful park with my husband and son this summer – hopefully I will see you there too!

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