Pitch: A sample of Prime Dundee area Restaurant Charm

Willy Thiesen, who got his start as the co-owner of Godfather’s, is at it again with this Dundee area jewel in Omaha. Coal fired pizzas, wonderful infused cocktails and one of the all around most fun and hip spots in the city are what it’s all about. The always ultra-packed spot on Underwood has some of the best truffle fries around, and the Margherita Pizza is one of the best in town by an absolute long shot. When I stopped in and had the Thai Pie, I was amazed at the perfectly authentic blend of peanut and Sriracha sauces, and the way the cilantro and the carrots infused together with each bite. If you are looking for something just a touch different and a little foreign, the Thai pie I sampled that October afternoon will not disappoint in the least.

Situated In the same area as the legendary Dundee Dell, this is prime spot to start a Friday night, celebration, Birthday, or anniversary. The charm of the neighborhood and its hanging flower pots will wash over you as you walk along what is now one of the city’s absolute most trendy spots to live or play. Other scrumptious pizza flavors like Marsala, Basil pesto chicken, the owner’s favorite Mia, and the Veggie Pie are waiting to be sampled here as well; in the warmth of this nice and neighborhoody offering. The coveted Meatball pie is a blend of Calabrese sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil, and the Mia is San Marzano tomato Sauce, Fennel sausage, pepperoni, and fresh mozzarella. When you dig into these, the crispy on the outside crust, sauce selection, and coal fired goodness really let you know that you are in a place a step above the other local offerings.

So many other things stand out here for the customer’s delight: Butternut squash soup with walnuts, excellent salads like the Lobster Cobb and Arugula. The Arugula is a delectable blend of prosciutto, candied walnuts, pears, gorgonzola, and balsamic vinaigrette. For starters aside from the wonderful truffle fries, the roasted Brussels sprouts really stand out as well as creamy Tuscan white beans. Whatever the pizza of the week may be is always a great choice, with the week I was in there being a succulent seafood/lobster type combo. A great wine selection, specialty drinks such as the Cucumber Sparkler and the Dundee Diablo, and ales on tap like Widmer and Northcoast round out this warm and funky choice for dining; the coal you got in your Christmas stocking was not reminiscent of the wonder it does here for the crust and distinct atmosphere.

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