Alotta Brownies Bakery – Decadent Homemade Treats For Every Occasion

There is no better smell then that of fresh baked goods wafting through the air to assault your nostrils.  Even better is when the smell matches your expectations of what those goods will taste like. As a women who is constantly “watching her figure” – grow that is – I can not tell you how many times I have taken a bite of a delectable smelling baked good only to say to myself, “this is not worth the calories” and throw it away. That was before I had the goods from Alotta Brownies Bakery which is now my go to indulgence for special occasions!


So how did I find out about Alotta Brownies?  Well my husband is a self-proclaimed cinnamon roll snob and a few months ago he had a business meeting at Stories Coffee shop.  For those of you who haven’t been, Stories is a local Co-Op that is owned by 8 different business owners.  Alotta Brownies whose main location is in Fremont, is one of the owners and sells her mixes, baked goods and cinnamon rolls out of there. Having never said no to a cinnamon roll in his life, my husband had to try one and it was love at first taste!


For a few months after, we went to Stories when we could steal a breakfast away from the kids and treat ourselves to a cinnamon roll.  At the time we didn’t even know where the rolls came from, just that they were amazing.  However, in April we were ramping up for our sons second birthday bash and as we sat in Stories enjoying our Cinnamon Rolls, we realized we STILL had not ordered a cake. That is when we met Michelle, the owner of Alotta Brownies Bakery and realized that not only did she make these amazing rolls, but she also made cakes, brownies fresh bread and so much more!


We ordered a birthday cake from her for my son’s birthday.  White confetti cake with white frosting and all in primary colors to match my sons Sesame Street Birthday party theme. Her white cake recipe has been passed down in her family for generations and there is a reason it hasn’t been changed – it is awesome!  The cake is moist and has a very unique flavor combination.  The frosting is always fresh and in fact she uses the same frosting for the cinnamon rolls and cakes. To really explain how good the cake was – last year we had a cake from another local bakery and could not force the leftovers onto our guests.  This year, we only had a slice left because everyone wanted to take some home with them.


I have since used Alotta Brownies Bakery for several other events, take and bake cinnamon rolls for Easter breakfast, Cinnamon rolls for teacher appreciation, brownies for a special treat on a trip to the zoo, bread for sandwiches and I can guarantee the next time I need a cake I wont consider going anywhere else.  Michelle also makes gourmet mixes which are great for gifts or just to have on hand when you need a delectable desert in a pinch.


You can get her cinnamon rolls and baked goods from Stories everyday and if you have a special request you can often arrange to pick it up at Stories. If you have time though, definitely check out her bakery in Fremont, it is worth the trip to see where all the magic happens.  So support local businesses, I promise you wont be disappointed in the taste, quality or service that you get from Michelle and Alotta Brownies Bakery!

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