Omaha Market Updates

Warm Cider, Fall's Crisp Welcome, and Time-Tested Tradition: Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Celebrated author Jane Hirshfield poignantly claimed that “The heat of autumn is different from the heat of summer. One ripens apples, the other turns them to cider.” This fall all of us here at Flatwater Realty understand that it has been a trying season at best, and many of you are anxious for a safe and crisp excursion outdoors to stretch your legs and find the ultimate way to ring in one of the most special times of the year.

Vala's has long been a tradition for many Lincoln and Omaha-area families, and this year marks a very exciting...

Coming Soon to a Silver-Screen Inspired Lot Near You: Quasar Drive-In Theater

Our media specialist here at Flatwater admitted to us that he is old enough to remember when he would ride his bicycle by the drive-in movie theater as a child and see greats such as “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and “The Empire Strikes Back” flickering invitingly into the warm evening air. Well-versed novelists such as S.E. Hinton heavily incorporated drive-in culture into classic books such as “The Outsiders”, where the group of high schoolers paraded in with their cars full of buddies in hopes of perhaps finding a special sweetheart while the sounds of the film crackled through the car radio.


Identifying and Eliminating the Unwanted: Homeowner's Basics of Pest Control

Are you a brand new homeowner that is a bit uncertain where to start in the pest control process? Here at Flatwater Realty, we took a close look at all of our options for pest control professionals before selecting Premiere Pest Control as our area specialist and full-time advisor. They have been the best from day one at analyzing an approach, being prompt, and always being reliable. Having a smooth home inspection and detailed report on what needs to be done in the pest category will give you confidence while waiting for closing day!

One of the first crucial steps is to determine...

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During Summer's End: Sensible Tips + 3 Area Lawn Pros

What is usually the most sultry and hottest time of year in Omaha, August can seem very still and bestow blazing temps across your beloved lawn! One of your home's best features could be at risk of being overcooked, as the bright sun may begin to wreak havoc on your garden and grass alike. There is never a shortage of things to do in the yard during August, and the early morning or late evening may be the most comfortable.

Here are some of the important tasks to consider to keep things healthy and looking just the way you want them!

  • Prepare for grass seed lain in fall by removing weeds, choosing your seed type, and leveling low spots.
  • Dethatch and aerate your lawn.
  • If there has been ample rainfall, fertilize the lawn
  • One of the most useful tips out there is for the mower: keep the blade to its highest...

A Slice of Naturally-Carved Trails and Solace on The West Side: Zorinsky Lake

This is the area of Omaha that was just a few decades ago “far out”, and now still retains the pleasant element of spaciousness! There are more than 255 aces here with modern playgrounds, baseball diamonds, soccer and football fields, hiking and biking trails, and a fishing dock. Near 156th and Industrial Road, this is the perfect respite from the sprawling retail areas close by and a wide-open space to come for an organized sporting event or just a spur-of-the-moment...

The “On the go” Taste Trio Concocting More to Come: Trucks And Taps

The quite knowledgeable and well-versed Anthony Bourdain once said about truck food: “The more street food we have, the more it's embraced by every income strata, the better world we have.” The mouth-watering history of the American food truck dates back to the late 1800s, with the introduction of the “Chuck Wagon” making its way down the road to feed cattlemen and wagon trains then traversing the old West. Sausage vendors sold their wares just outside the student dorms at universities such as Harvard and Yale during the 1890s, and the quickness and ease of “pop-up” food were then recognized but didn't come back in a major way for some time.


Ditching Hotels for a Larger Domain: 3 Available Airbnb Stays in Omaha

By October of 2013, a startup that was the brainchild of two San Francisco roommates had greeted 9,000,000 guests since they first introduced their company. Nearly 250,000 properties were added that year offering those browsing the web more choices, and ultimately providing places to stay that were much more ideal for some then a hotel room. There is something about wheeling in your carry-on from the airport and settling in a furnished apartment or home that is more appealing to some than what feels like a “bare-bones” lodging location.

To be fair, corporate suites and the like have really improved...

In Search of Savory Slice After Slice: Omaha's 3 Top Places for Pizza

Boasting a world-class zoo, high quality of life, the exciting first crack of the bat every year during College World Series, and charm that derives influence from both big city and small-town living, Omaha has long been a destination for those furthering their career and buying a new house. If you've just moved here or if you have been here all your life, there are always key things to locate in your new neighborhood: the grocery store, elementary and high schools, and the best places to go when you feel like a family celebration or perfect food-filled first night of the weekend.

Pizza is one of those foods that encourages fun and close-knit groups, and also gives you the opportunity...

The Prime Allure of Pro-Caliber Beef: The Top 3 Tastiest Burgers in Omaha

During my travels over the past few years, many others I encounter in airports, rental car kiosks, and hotel lobbies get to talking about where they are from. When I tell them I am from Omaha, they don't look down, or frown in the least... a large number of them came right back with “Oh My God, I went to THE BEST steakhouse EVER there. It was to die for!” Now we know that that there are the usual suspects in that department, but were lately encouraged to closely examine the local burger potential.

From the charm of the Old Market to the sprawl of West Omaha that is marked by many Grade A restaurants, you can get your hands (and lips) on Greek, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian, Bohemian, Latin American, Mexican, and Indian food, just for starters. We are still very excited to hone in and focus on the All-American pastime known as the hamburger, and we admittedly...

Teeing Off On Master's Tourney Grade Holes: 3 Great Golf Courses in Omaha

The famous Harry Vardon was quoted regarding the game of golf, “For this game you need, above all things, to be in a tranquil frame of mind.” During times like these, we can agree that probably just about everyone in the Omaha metro is ready to “grab a hefty dose of tranquility”. Golf is about so many things: constantly trying to get around par, staying out of sand traps, the vigor of the line drive, and the grimacing precision needed for a stellar putt.

Whether you just bought a new home in Omaha or have been here for years, your thoughts may be wandering towards playing golf, and they should be! Too much time cooped...