Choosing a School District for Resale, Even if you Don’t Have Children

One of the things that limits your potential buyer pool when selling your home is the school district.  If you had children in your household what school would they go to?  Are these schools new?  Are these schools highly rated?  Are these schools desirable to an above average amount of families.  Many empty nesters or young families that don’t yet have children don’t consider what school district they are buying in because they think it doesn’t effect them.  It does most certainly effect your investment and you should try to do some research before buying a home.

When buying always ask what the school district is for the home that you are considering purchasing.  Next go home and google school ratings in your area.  Check out to see how these schools stack up to the others in your area.  Another great thing to do is ask young families that you know if they were buying a home what school districts would they want to live in.  If you ask enough people you may get a large enough sample to try to gauge the public perception.  Also judge the facilities.  How old are the school buildings.  New schools tend to be more desirable as they may have more state of the art equipment but not always.  Check the enrollment, are the schools overcrowded or do they just have a healthy number of students.

The more desirable the school district is that you buy into the easier it is going to be to sell your home as you are going to have a larger pool of buyers competing for your home.  Keep in mind that just because your school district isn’t “TOP” for your area doesn’t mean its a bad school district.  People always have different preferences and there will still be a buyer pool for you it just may not be as large which may lead to additional marketing time for your home.

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