Get Scared at Omaha’s Infamous Scary Acres

Everyone knows that October is a month in which haunted houses take a front row seat to other types of entertainment. Let’s face it, miniature golf, even some sports (well, maybe not in our Cornhusker state), and long bike rides don’t seem as ultimately cool as having your heart rate rise over the sight of horrifying creatures, killer clown rooms and more. Opening their doors way back in 2002, this popular Halloween haven got their beginnings when they were hired to help design “The Train of Terror”, that ran through Peony Park amongst fog, scary props, and tunnels of live snakes. In 1996, the now named “Fright Zone” was moved into a building without residential tenants at 17th and California, where those taking the tour loved the smog filled graveyard.


In later years, the warehouse next to this location was purchased and a one level haunt appeared that was the home of this Omaha seasonal favorite until they relocated completely to the new 20 acre location after Creighton University needed a new soccer field. Master’s Castle, the House on the Hill and the Haunted Woods are all areas new to this space, where many thrill seekers have passed through the gates. Fresh content every year for more bone chilling scares, bonfires every night, and a scenery backdrop that is known to be many levels above average await patrons here that walk through the doors. Many horror classics like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes” have isolated and creepy locations that feel and look like The House on the Hill here at Scary Acres.


There’s nothing like some very ancient old wood on a haunted house and well thought through props to make a scary location even scarier. With throwbacks to “Saw”, “It”, “The Shining” and even “Creepshow”, this is one place that will rock the socks off even the hardest core horror aficionado. A full line of horror influenced and very hip clothing, this is the place where everyone wants to be when the days get a bit shorter and the jack o lanterns pop up in every neighborhood. Horror influenced celebrities like  Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, Linda Blair, and Tony Todd have graced this location with their presence, and it’s always an enticing side attraction to see someone from the big screen here. In West Omaha off of 172nd and Giles, this is one of the area’s attractions that pack a real wallop during this delightfully macabre and chilling time of year.

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