Granite or Quartz; Which one is right for You?

There is one decision for homeowners that sometimes takes the most time of any on the long check list of options. When it comes down to doing your countertops, it always seems to boil down to two major materials in the running. When spending time in the kitchen or entertaining guests, after searching many internet sites and looking at many examples, new home owners, people renovating, getting ready to flip, or just make their existing environment more comfortable are trying to narrow down their choices. Here we’ll take a look at which one could be right for you in your ultra-thought through countertop overhaul. Sometimes during a showing or a meeting that may decide the final decision for either party, the granite or quartz question is really the deciding factor on what choice is made for the kitchen. There are pros and cons of both materials, and the reviews can get confusing as they will try to sway the reader in either direction.

Quartz countertops are known overall as being a bit more flexible. Many installation professionals prefer quartz, and it is one positive as far as the duel-off between the two. Quartz is known to need much less sealing, another selling point of the material when it comes right down to it. The stain resistant element of quartz is another selling point; a quick wipe clean can take care of a wine spill or anything else. In the vast realm of real estate and showing homes, one element of quartz that is sometimes discussed is the sunlight exposure issue. After a lot of time even with just a fraction of the surface exposed, a color difference can take place. Many consumers and homeowners are going to automatically gravitate towards quartz; its appearance is known to be aesthetically pleasing and for some has always been the standard. When you walk into a kitchen and take in the room at a glance, quartz can be the favorite for many at first glance.

Granite has one main advantage over quartz; the appearance is not completely uniform; the way in which it appears in this fashion can take the cake right away for owners. It has a completely unique appearance and an almost “custom” look right out of the gate. One attribute of granite countertops is that they should be sealed every year to keep properly stain resistant. Some owners only do it every 2-3 years, but when you do this every year they keep up appearance and longevity much better. Some say that granite is a bit more destructible than quartz; being a natural rock it can break or definitely chip if prone to very heavy abuse. However when maintained with above and beyond care, granite can last a lifetime; and this can give it a leg up in the competition between the two.

One element that needs to be understood about granite is the seams are going to show up once it’s installed, many a customer has felt in the long run unsatisfied because of the appearance. It is definitely part of the essence of granite, and it’s the reason why some pick it as their choice in the first place. Since it’s a natural rock, granite can end up costing a bit more depending on what part of the nation you reside in. One benefit you really need to look at is that no matter which of the two you pick, it will absolutely add value to your home. With Quartz, there is currently one company on the market that at least does its own processing in the US. We are confident with at least these quick comparisons that you can figure out which surface is best for your home; whichever one you choose, it’s going to look great in your kitchen, and provide you as a homeowner the glistening counter you’re after.

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