How HWA Can Keep You Covered!

At a time when clients are stressed out with moving, you can offer them “peace of mind.” Moving is one of the most stressful times in a homeowners’ life. Relocating homeowners already have added expenses when moving into a new home, which is why an unforeseen cost for the repair or replacement of a home’s appliances or mechanical systems can be daunting. With a 13-month home warranty from Home Warranty of America, homeowners can avoid the trauma and drama of unexpected home repairs, costly replacements or having to search for a reliable service technicians.

An HWA Home Warranty covers normal wear and tear on systems and appliances that breakdown during the coverage term. Optional coverage is available to customize the plan to fit your needs. Home warranties can be very beneficial and save homeowners money when coverage is understood and utilized for its intended purpose. HWA home warranties provide easy, reliable solutions for unexpected problems. There are no age restrictions on any home, mechanical system or appliance and we provide fast, reliable repair service with our national network of technicians.

Home warranties protect both buyers and sellers from the unexpected. Rather than swallowing the hefty costs of fixing a major system or appliance, homeowners can pay just a nominal fee to have the home warranty company send out a licensed technician to execute the repair or replacement. Home Warranty of America offers free Seller’s Coverage on owner-occupied listings for up to 180 days, with the option to renew.

 It’s a smart move for you both!

When you partner with HWA, you can count on superior home protection plans for your clients. Our 13-month home warranty plans can help agents sell homes faster and closer to the asking price. We give you a competitive edge over homes sold without a home warranty. An HWA 13-month home warranty adds extra value that clients appreciate and helps make your listings more desirable to prospective buyers. Plus, you’re giving your clients a full 13 months of coverage, not just 12 months.

When considering a home warranty, you can trust Home Warranty of America (HWA). Our comprehensive and friendly service is just a convenient toll-free phone call or online click away. Call 1-888-492-7359 or visit We work hard to provide our clients with the most reliable service technicians, free seller’s coverage, and best overall coverage.

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