Jerico’s The Best Prime Rib in Omaha

Upon moving to Omaha, I had talked with many people about the dining scene.  I had sampled some excellent Mexican, Italian, and Greek fare, and was starting to wonder about the Prime Rib. Coming from Denver I had been exposed to some great places there and upon sitting down, was very excited to see shrimp, all kinds of fish and cod, and even combos like Prime Rib and lobster. Today I was going for the fare that I had been directed towards, which was the Knight’s cut of Omaha Prime Rib.  The healthy portion comes with soup of the day, bread, and baked potato or rice.

For good measure, I threw in the breaded Portabello mushrooms from the appetizers, with a crust made of Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheeses.  These were very deep fried and incredible. The aroma of everything was filling the place and I knew that I had been tipped off to something special.  When my main course arrived the Au Jus collided with the prime rib perfectly.  The meat was the best texture imaginable, and as I cut into it looked forward to every bite.  I can only imagine what the Filet Mignon tastes like in this place, and may go for that next time.  You can get a New York Strip, Ribeye, 20 Oz. T bone, and ground Sirloin on the menu as well; the Ribeye is undoubtedly another tasty treasure.

For shrimp offerings, there is Coconut, Butterflied, Stuffed shrimp with snow crab as the filler, grilled shrimp scampi, and grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon.  The latter is served with Jericho’s special barbeque sauce, or plain.  The way my prime rib tasted was so excellent that I also really felt myself wondering about the shrimp scampi and how they would taste over the buttered linguini noodles.  To anyone exploring, I would have to recommend that because it too, has got to be a choice dish.  Lemon Pepper cod filets are offered up here too; a completely different taste bud route than the prime rib, but would have to be a journey to taste nirvana.  Of extreme note here is that this is one of the only establishments in Omaha where you can obtain South African cold water lobster tail.  At risk of sounding like an extreme foodie amateur, I have never had this in all my years; but it definitely conjures up images of something over the top with drawn butter next to it.  Add to that you can get an Orange Roughy filet here to boot, baked carefully with lemon and herbs.

For the famous combination meals here, you can get Prime Rib and lobster, Filet and Alaskan king crab legs, Filet and lobster, Prime Rib and Alaskan king crab legs, or Steak and shrimp, available with any type of the steaks or shrimps from the normal menu.  At 10.99$ a pop, the lunch specials are came for by many regulars.  Coconut Shrimp, a Prime Rib luncheon, boneless butterfly pork chop, and a Prime Rib French dip sandwich are some of these beauties along with traditional comforts like the BLT, Walleye Filet, and a Grilled Chicken breast sandwich.

Located at approximately 120th and Dodge in Omaha towards the northeast corner, there are also amazing ice cream drinks like the Judi, the mint paddy, the Cadillac, the Trazzle Razzle and Brandy Alexander.  Giving Jericho’s a visit is in essence, getting down to business with your food cravings.  Because nearly everything here is bound to taste good; it’s a high point of Omaha’s scene. Don’t take my word for it and go quickly, because something this special demands urgency.

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