Junkstock Omaha; the October Oasis of Salvageable Goods

Taking place on a picturesque dairy farm outside Omaha, this one of a kind and very artisanal inspired event is for the discerning art addict, and truly is full of anything but what we would categorize as junk. October 10, 11, and 12 of this year, this dairy farm will be alive with the sights and sounds of happy show goers looking at custom crafts and merchandise. This is the kind of event that anyone artistic or musical yearns for, with the outdoor vibe and great talent at hand. Meeting vendors and individuals that have a passion for creating goods above the norm and connecting with a new customer are highlights of Junkstock, a premiere event to cruise around on foot and be seen at. The musical talent here alone is a grand slice of the top of what this hip and burgeoning music scene has to offer.

Brad Howshaw, master of the Acoustic and hard folk genre, Sarah Benck, Midwest Dilemma, Scott Severin, Banjo Loco, Ska sensation The Bishops, Matt Cox Band, and The Waterfront Blues Band are among the choices for talent for this festival, performing their craft for the masses to enjoy on a crisp fall day chock full of Omaha talent. There are going to be so many great vendors and music at this event that it’s hard to believe it was cultivated from scratch. Low turnouts, dives without candor, and crummy promotion have riddled many events from being successful, and there is nothing like wandering upon a vendor who is delivering truly Earthly goods. As far as the vendors this year, they are plentiful. Barnyard Boutique, the Boyd Girls, Coffee Diem, Starlight Candles and Gifts, Hopwood Antiques, Roadside Relics, 106 Vintage Co, Cactus Creek, Buttons are my Business, and True Blue Décor are just some of the folks on this list of great creators to visit; and speak to them about their inspiration and wares.

As far as the food at Junkstock, there’s going to be no shortage of options. Cactus Jack’s Chuck Wagon has the best prime rib, smoked brisket, and gourmet burgers to be found in the region. The Localmotive Food Truck has the best vegetarian offerings in the venue coming from scratch ingredients, and are going to warm you up just right to the overall vibe of the festival. Voodoo Taco is a cart onsite with the ultimate battle plan for your empty stomach; they don’t use pin doll voodoo, but you’re going to think they spun some magic on your taste buds. Laura’s Famous Eggrolls is also onsite to deliver Filipino Lumpia… and they are the best you’ll ever eat! Tap Dancer’s fresh coffee, Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream, and Streetside Foods are also going to be at this massive outdoor gathering. Streetside Foods serves American classics with a definitive Italian Flair; meatball subs, cheesesteaks, hamburgers and alfredo cheeseburgers, and even deep fried Oreos are on their menu. Other favorites like Big Kahuna Kettle Korn and Kona Ice are here to satisfy your wandering urge; This year’s Junkstock is going to definitely be one event to check out. Seeing what the diverse artists have to offer and getting some fresh air is going to benefit you immensely… Omaha’s diverse music scene is only getting better thanks to events like this.

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