Kona Grill Restaurant at Village Pointe, A great place for Valentine’s Day!

It’s not just the sushi, voted the best a couple times over, but also the happy hour voted four years in a row. The Kona Grill at Village Pointe in Omaha specializes in island tastes, sushi, sake, flatbread, and so much more. You can get Kirin Ichiban on draft here, which just for starters is a big, big plus. Yes, it gets crowded and yes it is a chain but there are definitely some special things going on with the food here worth notice. Sake is an art form, something that is drank among businessmen, comrades, and simply those who love a little zen in their winding down drink. I prefer the diamond, which is the dry, light junmai sake. This is probably THE best place in Omaha for sake bombs and I’m pretty sure you get like 4 shots and a beer for ten dollars; not shabby in the least. Another favorite amongst patrons is the bubblegum saketini, which has Three Olives bubble vodka, sake, strawberry, sprite, and sugar rim. Also here is another tired traveler or foot mall pedestrian’s favorite; Fuji Apple. This is a really wonderful tasting apple flavored sake that will bring a newcomer’s taste buds back for more; as quick as you can hang ten on the North Shore of Hawaii itself.


The gluten free, vegetarian and vegan offerings here are more than you could ever expect about 15 years ago in the Midwest. Among the offerings are the Kona house salad, big Kahuna cheeseburger, the turkey filet, grilled salmon, and one of my friends’ absolute favorites, the miso-sake marinated sea bass. Everything is flown in here daily, and you can even get the coveted Houston and Philadelphia rolls. The Philadelphia roll is a great mix of smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber; and the tuna rolls here are high on the top of many patron’s go to lists here as well. The Avocado egg rolls on the appetizers are one of the most frequently sampled with a divine honey cilantro dipping sauce; this was the first thing I tasted here last November and it hit the spot immediately. The potstickers and Kona calamari are high on the frequented visitor’s favorites list as well; the perfect Asian flavored appetizers to get started in on your weekend or special event. The Macadamia nut Chicken is probably the most popular entrée to date. Of honorable mention are the pad thai noodles, Kona filet, and the Big Island meatloaf. The meatloaf has a mix of cream with the mushrooms that is as unique as the landscape of the Big Island itself. With the capitol city of Hilo being it’s entry point, it is an untamed island of volcanoes and black sand beaches that has a culinary heritage which goes far beyond poi spread and pineapple. As far as entrees, if I am brave one day I swear to try the sweet chili glazed salmon. It sounds a little different, but I am dead set on enjoying it with something like a cool Mojito.

When it comes to the legendary flatbreads at Kona grill I have only sampled the bbq chicken, but I was starving at the time mid afternoon; and it was definitely fantastic. There is also the standard pepperoni, grilled veggie, margherita, steak, and roasted corn with goat cheese flatbreads. This is one of those places that is dropped like a beacon of foodie appeal in a large cosmopolitan outdoor mall like an idle pair of chopsticks in Seoul or Kaula Lampur; waiting for you to sample something like a new sushi roll or seaweed salad. Of course there are the usual complaints of bad service or not getting seated right away… but just like being caught in the undertow of the Hawaiian surf; comes with the territory. Speakings of the place being simply too corporate and overpriced should by all means be ignored until you try it. All the times I have been there have been way above average, and large groups of us always wanted to return, and soon. The Kona Grill’s outdoor patio is immaculate, and a lot of planning went into the layout and heating. If you are confused and have no idea on Earth what to try, the steak and lobster roll is a fabulous choice for any weary corporate traveler or culinary snob on the prowl. Towards the East side of Village Pointe; you can’t miss Kona Grill, plan your night out here stat… higher end offerings never disappoint.

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