Krug Park – The Hair of the Dog

The hair of the dog.  I always thought that this was the most hilarious saying when I was a kid.  It wasn’t until my first horrible hangover in college that I truly appreciated the meaning and necessity of the saying.  When I think of hangover remedies now, I always think of Bloody Mary’s. I mean what better way to cure a horrible headache and dehydration then all those wonderful vegetable juices and spices.

My husband considers himself a bit of a connoisseur of the Bloody Mary.  It is his drink of choice and he has tried them in MANY places across Omaha. Although no two are the same, it is not often that he has one that stands above the rest. That being said, one place that seriously stepping up the Bloody Mary game is Krug Park in Benson.

Krug Park has been in Benson since 2011 and is named after a historical figure who opened a theme park/beer garden in Benson in the early 1900’s.  True to its name, the place is a mix of old and new with much of the original 1908 building having been restored to serve as the backdrop.

Offering 12 different variations on the classic Bloody Mary, there is something for everyone’s palate.  One of my personal favorites is the Bacon Bloody Mary.  I mean who doesn’t love a little bacon?

If Bloody Mary’s are not your thing then don’t rule Krug Place out, they also have over 50 craft beers on tap.  The Flight Night is a great way to go if you like to sample many different kinds of beer.  They have special selections of 6 different kinds of beers or you can create your own.

Make sure to check out their website, they have different events every night and you can also keep up with their special events there. They also have a great outdoor seating area and with warm nights coming, get some friends together and give Krug Park in Benson a try! You will not be disappointed by the atmosphere or the drinks, we promise!

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