Natural Grocers opens in West Omaha

Just east of 180th and West Center, the Vitamin Cottage’s fresh food and grocery store is finally here. This parent business was started in 1955 in Coors country, Golden Colorado; right by the spectacular purple mountains of the Front Range. Originally the focus was on healthy grain bread and door to door sales. As we get further and further along the realization of the different types of negative footprints we leave on the earth, minimal impact on the Earth’s ecosystem will become more pertinent. The focus here is on goods that have not been affected by herbicides, fungicides, and other preservatives that have been shown to be harmful to us. Going gluten and wheat free is great because our bodies are really not designed to handle these things, but not everything in Natural Grocers is gluten free. In fact one of the coolest things is wrapped Greek food from the Parthenon; right by the checkout aisles like gyros and hummus. Truly one of the best things in the store if you are headed right back to work and need something quick!

Every business wants to make a profit, but nutrition education plays a big part in the store. Even though not all of mainstream doctors and pharma agree, we have been poisoning ourselves for decades. Pure poison is what a lot of processed foods are causing. Intestinal problems like diverticulitis and other issues are laughed at, and things are said like “Oh yeah, you can get that if you have a bad bratwurst” or other item of food. The processed food on the shelves is truly killing America. When you are diagnosed with cancer, and you ask the doctor how on earth you got it, the textbook response is “environmental poisoning”. It’s not just meat. It’s all the processed goods that do not agree with us. In the Egyptian cultures, cancer rates are much lower because they have a magnesium rich diet. Magnesium supplements are just one of the things that you can find here; also things like valerian root and melatonin for proper rest. Item’s like Amy’s organic burritos are in the frozen section, with a crust made from scratch to die for. As far as Natural Grocers and what they will NOT sell, there are two key items. Aspartame and Splenda are sweeteners that are artificial in the roughest meaning of the word. Things like ovarian cancer, chronic headaches and fatigue, and mass swelling of liver and kidneys are just the beginning of what these things do to us. When given to rats, you don’t even want to know the effects. Artificial colors and irradiated products are also on the list; the thing about artificial coloring is it is a direct link to cancer. A ladder of profit and protecting the wolves have kept these things around. Believe it or not, it is just like sucking on a cigarette in some cases, you are really playing roulette with your future.


There are a variety of healthy pet food choices here too; with ingredients that focus on less inner distress when consumed for your pet’s prolonged happiness. In a world that has spawned into something decidedly chaotic, there are groups of people who are trying to be healthier and taking big steps towards it. When you visit here you are really kind of peeping in on a movement; due to the state of the nation and the globe there is a sense of urgency in re educating ourselves on our diet and nutrition issues. When you visit Hawaii you are not allowed to use plastic bags in stores; there is a reason for that. We really have done a lot to put holes in the Earth, and it is begging for us to reverse it. If you are a Nebraskan that is really sold on old school nutrition and what the USDA says; just stop in. No matter how resistant you feel to change, a hipster who wears an Ipod and rides a bicycle to work may smile at you; and make you feel suddenly happy. Isn’t that what we are all here for on the planet? See you soon in the checkout aisle where you may meet a new friend or be educated on how to keep yourself healthy for life… at Omaha’s Natural Grocers.

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