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You like to keep your money in your pocket right?  Sure you do, everyone does.  There is a reason that shows like HGTV and DIY have become so popular, we love to do it ourselves to save money. What you probably didn’t know, (or you would already be working with us) is that you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by working with us!

  • No Broker Admin Fee

These range from 200-1000 per transaction and often the seller ends up paying them twice because they are wrapped into the Buyer’s closing costs. For a buyer this also means they had to pay more for the house since their closing costs are higher.  Even though the seller is paying them, it still affects the bottom dollar of what you get the home for.

  • No Affiliated Business Agreements

We recommend service providers who are competitive and good at what they do, not because they give us a kickback which ultimately comes out of your pocket in the form of higher service fees. If anyone we recommend does have an agent incentive, we always give that back to you.

  • Client Centric Approach

I feel one of the biggest complaints about real estate agents in general is that people feel they push people to a closing or agreeing to terms they otherwise wouldn’t because the agent wants to get the deal done.  We don’t work that way.  This is our full time job, we are good at what we do, and we are not living from paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.  We help you make the best, most educated decision for your scenario and what is best for you.  This is about YOU, not us and we truly believe that.

Want some real life examples of how we have saved people serious money?

Mortgages: We recently had a buyer who had a relationship with a bank and wanted to use them for their loan.  We encourage people to use whoever they are comfortable with, but advised that they get a few quotes to make sure they were getting a competitive deal.  They ended up using one of the loan officers we recommended because he gave them a cheaper rate and was almost 2K cheaper then their bank.

Title companies and closing companies:  It seems like everyone in real estate wants to get their hand in as many money making outlets as possible.  Many agents own a part of a title company so they get a kickback on the business they send there.  There are some agents in Omaha who are not big enough to have a portion of a title company so they own what is called a closing company.  It is an unnecessary middle man who puts on the closing instead of the title company doing it.  If your agent sends you to one of these it will cost you several hundred dollars more then the average closing for no added benefit other then to pay your agent EVEN MORE then their commission. Think this is ridiculous?  So do we, that’s why we use title companies that have good rates and good service.  Don’t expect any middle men from us.

Home Warranties: Many home warranty companies offer a kickback to agents for recommending them.  If our clients purchase a home warranty we ALWAYS take the kickback off the price of the home warranty which saves people about 75-100$.

Home Inspections: Many of the local home inspectors pay the larger companies in order to be recommended by them.  There are two thing I have a problem with here.  One if you are getting paid to recommend someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad, but it doesn’t mean they are good either.  Two, if those companies were not paying out significant amounts of money to brokerages, they could have lower rates.  We only recommend people who we feel do a good job because we have experience with them, not because they pay us.

Interesting story about home inspectors.  There is currently one in Omaha who is well loved by his clients but hated by some of the bigger real estate companies.  He is known for doing a super thorough job and therefore “blowing up” deals.  Some of the larger companies have started telling buyers agents that they are not allowed to have a home inspection done by this company.  To me, that is wrong.  Consumers should control the details of the transaction.  We are here to guide and provide professional recommendations, not to line our pockets and protect our best interest of getting a deal closed so we get paid.

We hope that you found this article interesting, if you want more information about how we are different let us know!

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