Omaha’s Dundee Dell; the Definitive haven for Fish, Chips, and Fun

A longtime staple of the Dundee area on Underwood, the Dundee Dell is one of the neighborhood’s (and the city of Omaha in General) finest offerings. Famous for the Fish and Chips, the dish starts with two Icelandic cod filets, then dipped in special batter and fried lightly in Canola oil. Housing a perfect long bar and bustling neighborhood ambience, there are tons of other great things on the menu to sample. The last time I was in I had the Reuben, and the corned beef option. It was truly one of the best I had ever had, and I have been from coast to coast numerous times. The veggie burger here is also one of the best in the city, made from tasty black beans and other great additions to the final product: a wonderful and protein packed healthy lunch or dinner.

The Kaiser bun used for the basic burger complements the option perfectly, and the fried clams are of the best texture. A bowl of Mary’s red chili on a cold day for only 5 dollars hits the spot perfectly; and the very first time I walked in the door I ordered up a shrimp basket, perfectly breaded the way I love. My wife’s favorite here is the Mac and Cheese bowl, with a creaminess that is unprecedented. The hot Pastrami and French Dip’s here are superior as well, and sampling fish tacos with black bean salsa always can curb your cravings for something different. The way the Swiss blends on the famous Dundee Dell Tuna Melt is divine, another excellent offering on the Dell’s full fledged menu.

It is now widely known that the Dell has the largest selection of single malt scotches in the world; and the best stocked bar in the nation. Some may think that the city of Omaha is an unlikely location for this plethora of liquor offerings; but this vibrant neighborhood is home to students, young professionals, and a breed of homeowner that will always appreciate a cocktail or cordial. There are many great events here at the Dell like a public single malt scotch and beer tasting every month, and the Pine room is available for any special occasion you may encounter. I have heard you can even obtain Primo lager here; and many college students will make this their home away from the books and workload they have come fall.

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