Premiere Venue Peek: Omaha’s Slowdown

In the neighborhood across from the new College World Series Baseball Stadium by Saddle Creek Records, Film Streams, and Blue Line Coffee, this immaculate venue sits and waits for the most eager concert goers in Omaha to see shows. Equipped with an immaculate sound system, board games, and a front and back room for prime music, there is also a variety of libations to enjoy with the rock. Acts like Built to Spill, The Hold Steady, Drive By truckers, Dinosaur Jr, and many many more have graced the stage here. When the bands come ready to play, the first time they are always amazed by the newness and high tech, streamlined feel of the space. Perfectly placed in a neighborhood where all the foot traffic and action is, Slowdown is in so many ways the premiere club style venue in the city.

With nights having perks such as pub quizzes, free pinball, many music lovers across the state love coming here and enjoying the atmosphere. Known to be professional, with employees that love working here and perhaps the best sound mix in the state, patrons are also very happy that they can hear the vocals, and the sight lines from almost anywhere are top notch. Shows here are also known to start on time, a great feature for those travelling from Lincoln or anywhere else down the road. Very clean, efficient, and with plenty of options nearby, the venue has attracted many in the time since it has been open. Also equipped with a garage door that opens up to the beer garden on hot nights and a jukebox that is free most of the time.

Show goers feel like they are seeing a band on a late night show program or perhaps a House of Blues; it feels big, right, and has put Omaha on the map musically in many ways. Drink prices are known to be absolutely fair for the current climate considering there are great national acts playing here, and the lighting is rigged to be stellar and crowd pleasing. Ani DiFranco, Tricky, Silversun Pickups, and many more have graced the main room with their offerings, and shows in the front are still as good as many other venues in the state, with ample room for merchandise and a long, very accommodating bar. One of the venues that truly took Omaha to the top of the Midwest music scene when it opened, the Slowdown is the kind of place that didn’t exist here decades ago; modern, top of the line, and dripping with big city charm.

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