Pros and Cons list for the Homeowner: Gas vs. Electric Furnaces

As we are literally at the time of the year where the days get shorter and the holiday season rushes up on us before we are ready, the desire to be energy efficient, comfortable, and happy in your home jumps a notch. There is nothing more frustrating for any homeowner than realizing your furnace is out! This can obviously force you to make the decision a bit quicker than you may want to, when a warm toasty day on the inside of your confines sounds so much better than freezing while being bundled up in your own home. As energy efficient as gas is generally known to be, there are still quite a few factors to look into when making the decision. Sitting down and going over the pros and cons of both can help you make the decision a bit better when the time comes, and choose which heating source is the route for your family to take.


It is true that gas furnaces have plenty of reason to be known as the energy efficient route to take when heating your living space. Absolutely true that they operate up to 98 percent efficient, gas is also known to be better at combating the actual humidity factor, all so prevalent in many areas of the US. While the benefits of gas are many, it is a fact that there is a bit of toxicity involved in the scenario. The dreaded Co2 leak does not happen often, but when it does, it is cause for concern and sometimes your city’s natural gas supplier needs to be dispatched immediately to find out where and why there is a strange odor. It is true that there are Energy Star rated versions of both gas and electric furnaces, and one opinion about gas is that it may need more maintenance to be up to code and efficient. Widely regarded as the “green option”, there are many reasons to favor it.


Electric heating systems are the way that nearly all Americans got their heat source for many decades. Currently, some users still prefer it because the ventilation systems do not have to be as extravagant, and the system overall is a bit smaller. In some places, it is the only option, and even if some residents are dismayed by it, it will fire up in no time and at least provide you the warmth you need to feel the extreme comfort you want at home. When winter rears it’s head and all you’re thinking about is warm cocoa, holiday presents, and thawing after an ice skating session, electric heat for years was the medium known to kick right on and be a bit more quieter than gas in the process. Add to that the fact that electric breakers constantly do their job to make sure that the system does not overheat, and initial install costs can be lower, many opt for electric. Whatever your choice, within the next month or so when the freeze and frost hits, the sound when the heat kicks on will be much more than welcome.

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