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Omaha is a burgeoning and vibrant Midwest City that is a center of attraction for many people. Relocating to Omaha can be quite a tricky affair if you are not well prepared and the move can turn out to be disastrous if you do not know what is waiting for you once you get there. As an example of a classic Midwestern city, Omaha provides a perfect foundation on which to build upon if you plan well.
The quality of life in the city is generally typical of the Midwest. There is a low crime rate in the city, easy access to all the cultural and art events, a diverse range of residents and a great public schools system. This combination has resulted in the city being awarded with numerous accolades. For instance, it was named by Redbook Magazine in its list of top ten best cities for working mothers and by Parenting Magazine as one of the top ten cities to raise a family. The city is also recognized as one of the top Eco-Cities in the US based on assessment of its water and air quality, population stability and availability of open spaces.
With so much to offer, the city has a population density of about 400,000 residents only. The average household income is about $46,000 per annum and the average age is about 34 years. While the value of homes continues to appreciate steadily, there is still an affordable housing market where most buyers are still are still able to find something within their price range. You can get anything from a cozy condominium to a huge house in an executive estate in the city.
If you are more interested in business then you will be glad to know that Omaha has a diverse range of economic streams. Many of the residents are employed in the retail trade with others engaging in the wholesale trade and the finance sector. This strong workforce continually draws fortune 500 companies to the area and thus ensures a steady stream of employment opportunities. You should also know that 35 fortune 500 companies have service centers or plants in the area.
When it comes to recreation in the city, residents have a variety of options. The metro areas and some open spaces have approved public art sections which make walking through the city streets feel like walking through a museum. Fontenelle Forest has nature walk trails and there are also a good number of bistros and restaurants serving all types of cuisines. If you are a complete newbie to the city then you can try out some of the well known Omaha beef. You can also get to go to live theatre, dances, music and even Broadway productions.
Relocating to Omaha with your family can be quite an exhilarating experience since the city is very family friendly. If you are thinking about moving to the city then look at its positive aspects as well as its downfalls to ensure that the move suits you. In general it is indeed a great place to live and work in.

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