South 24th Street; A Culture Must See in Omaha

This incredibly colorful and diverse street is something that no one passing through should miss. From every hard working rancher to any proud artist and laborer south of the border, these are traditions that die hard and always splash wonderfully on the canvas of a city neighborhood. Seeing the annual Cinco de Mayo festival here is something to truly behold, drawing visitors from very far away and being a truly multicultural affair. If you are looking for ambiance like Village Pointe or Westroads, this is not really where you’re going to find it. Literally abuzz with people, traffic, merchants, and color, this destination is perfect for when you are craving something that reminds you of red rock, cactus, and abundant sunshine.


Now there are more Latin dishes available then just standard Mexican fare for sampling here, and during a very thorough renovation period, everyone involved agreed that food was something all Omaha natives would love. Tostadas, Enchiladas, Tortas, and so much more are available here in abundance. At 24th and N, the “Plaza de la Raza” is a beacon in the area that sits snugly close to the Livestock Exchange Building, another stronghold for the picture of economic prosperity painted here years ago and brought back to life. With 33 buildings here that are recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the history in the area is more than just rich, it is jumping off this area like the most prominent feature of any richly created painting. The ultra fun La Veinticuatro Walking Tour is one of the key happenings that drew attention to this area in the first place, highlighting the importance of restoring older districts in any city.


The World of Pottery is one coolest businesses there is in the city, period. The wares available for purchase here are of such a visual high caliber and low price in comparison that it is jaw dropping. Pots and planters, Chimaneas, furniture, wall ornaments, and some of the most diverse metal artwork figures you’ll lay eyes on. The Chimaneas in particular have the most beautiful and diverse models for display and purchase. Aztec styled sun carvings, maroon and mahogany tones, and even double ended fixtures are available here in the many diverse creations. Called the “Magic City” area of  Omaha by many generations, there is definitely magic to be had all over here, as you’ll want to see right away. If you are a bit weary of the same ole same old in terms of scenery and atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed by the 24th st. district of Omaha; a prime example of decades of heritage on display.

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