Stories Coffeehouse; The Entrepreneur’s haven of Cordial Creations

Opening last July at 180th and Pacific in the Spring Ridge Shopping Center, this well decorated and stocked West Omaha spot is a great local success story. Owner Melissa Stephens had always had some over the top entrepreneurs in mind when she envisioned an atmosphere where all the collaborators and contributors could learn from each other and bond together. Two pastry chefs, a popcorn guru, and a chocolate aficionado all share a space that everyone is flocking too and enjoying by leaps and bounds. Other delights here are a cookie business and caramel apple maker. A definite hotspot, it has also become a haven for people to meet and chat, or host a networking group. When you set out to create a cozy place for customers, you really need to take strides to be above and beyond, and posses a character that people flock to.

Vintage desks, off the wall lamps, and shelves that have cards, chess and books to read all make this feel like an urban haven non characteristic of the area, the exact desired effect of the business. “Homemade by Amber” serves homemade hot meals that are fresh from the garden and reminiscent of Mom’s cooking that you love. “Alotta Brownies” within these storybook walls provides brownies, bars, cheesecake and deserts, and recently catering and lunches. “Noni’s Popcorn” is a delicious creator of maple bacon, butter pecan caramel, winter spice, and white chocolate carmel corn. A true local favorite, everyone in Omaha loves the orders they receive from her. “Noni” is Italian for grandma and her sauce recipe has been paced down for years with family care. She loves working with 8 businesses under one roof and also loves seeing the customers smile at every taste and sample. “Lpastries” has an owner that has been doing her craft for over 20 years, and uses only the freshest fruits in her tarts, cheesecake and other well honed offerings.

Part of the experience in this venture is the ease of pressure with all businesses looking to drive customers to one location, and being able to use each other for information and advice. Other great spots like Le Peep and Jones Bros offer some amiable ambience and foods; this location’s diversity and nooks really keeps it at the top of the list of West Omaha. Sitting down somewhere cozy and having something served up that seems like it’s truly from the distinction of home is what holds it to its own entrepreneurial standard. Perfect for a group conversation, study group or first date, Stories is a unique and European feeling destination; gondola not included.

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