Take A Bite Out of the Dark Side – Voodoo Taco

When I was pregnant with my son, he gained the nickname of baby burrito because all I wanted to eat was Mexican food.  I wish there had been a Voodoo Taco around then because I would have been there EVERY day.  If you haven’t had the chance to venture to one of their three locations around Omaha then stop what you are doing… no really stop… and go. Right now!

As the name would suggest Tacos are their thing, but you can get salads, rice bowls and nachos if you prefer a different vessel for your meat.  I was amazed at all the different flavors they have to offer on their menu – pork, mahi mahi, shrimp, fried avocado, and even alligator.  When we went, I ordered the mahi mahi and my husband had the steak fajita.  We were both amazed at the quality of the ingredients and the depth of flavor that we got considering that each dish was less then 5$.

As an added bonus the décor and atmosphere is awesome.  The reds, black and purple compliment their theme perfectly and the seating is well thought out and comfortable.  Despite the fact that there was a line out the door when we got there, we ordered our meals and had them quickly. The staff was very friendly and helpful.  Being gluten free, I always feel like Leper at the ordering counter, but they were very helpful in making sure I made a safe choice from the menu.

For those of you fellow gluten free foodies that might be reading this, definitely check this place out.  Although they do not have a true gluten free menu, they do offer corn tortillas and have safe options for the fillings to choose from.  Not a fan of the corn tortilla?  Try the salad!

I can’t wait to venture back to voodoo taco.  It is a great location for a quick and affordable meal or a happy hour (they have specials everyday).  For the quality of ingredients you receive it is really unmatched around town. Check out there website for a complete menu and location info here.

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