Termites and How They Can Affect Your Home

Known to be armies or battalions of warriors with very annoying and damaging results, termites are as real a problem to the homeowner as it gets. They can chew right through siding, drastically change the structure of the home for the worst, and just be a general pain and source of great misery to you. Hopefully a good home inspection can tell you if you have to worry about termites, but in that aspect, you are kind of crossing your fingers and just hoping that all goes well. Before purchase, some buyers choose to hire an actual termite control specialist look the property over, to ease their peace of mind. If the inspection shows that you have a termite problem, don’t abandon the idea of purchasing, the buyer’s agent may be able to come up with a plan involving the seller to fight the battalion of pesky invaders.


The actual cost of the termite inspection is around 150-250 dollars, but after you are willing to cough this up, it is so very worth it in the long run. Structural areas like posts and beams are where you really want to make sure that the damage is kept away from, for these are the areas that you absolutely do not want the battalion to take over residence in. If you are the seller of a property, taking care of the inspection way before the transaction begins is also a plus; and it’s always best to try a few different companies to see which one costs bests and most meets your needs. As in any real estate transaction, disclosure is the ultimately safe route to take, as all parties knowing about every single thing that could be wrong is going to be legally the most beneficial to you in the end.


While you are trying to figure out if anything wrong is happening with the structure, or if the dreaded invasion has already begun, there are at least some signs you can look for on your own. On support beams or the side of the house, you can sometimes see mud tunnels that run up the side of the foundation. They look like tubes of dried mud, and this is where the termites pass to and from their colony. Another way to visually see whether or not you may have been infested is right in the windowsills. You can sometimes see piles of discarded wings here, and dry wood termites leave small piles of feces that resemble pellets where they have nested.


Many people believe that termites are only active in the spring, but they are absolutely doing their digging and damage year round. Another tell tale sign of these invaders is hollow sounding wood; they are known to eat the wood literally from the inside out. Don’t be afraid of these invaders that sometimes show up to give you a headache; there are steps you can take to send them along on their way, and quickly at that. These guests are about as unwanted as it gets, and no one likes to watch their property being eroded slowly!

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