The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Real Estate Photography

Almost all people searching for a home, begin their home search online.  This is an irrefutable fact.  Everyday when we take a look at the new listings on the market, we are baffled at some of the horrendous pictures that agents take.  Sometimes it looks like a CL ad for furniture.  Sometimes it is evident that an agent took the pictures with their cellphone.  Sometimes, the photos are so blurry that you can not even tell what room of the house it is.

In our opinion there is absolutely no excuse for that.  A seller is hiring an agent to represent and sell their home.  If the agent is too lazy or too broke to either invest in the proper equipment to photograph a home or hire a professional to do so, then they have no business asking a seller to pay them to sell their home.

It is often debated whether or not real estate photography is important.  There is no doubt that pricing your house correctly is going to be the largest determining factor in selling your home quickly, but in our opinion, if you don’t get people in the door then how well the home is priced is irrelevant.

Here is a blurb from our upcoming sellers guide which we are hoping to unveil in early January detailing what we do for ALL our listings regardless of pricepoint:

Real estate photography has evolved over the years from a simple photo of the outside of the home to vivid rich pictures that really show off the house.  You want to make sure that the agent you hire either a) has the proper equipment and knows how to use it, or b) hires a professional photographer that has experience photographing properties. This is crucial in making sure that you get the best exposure for your home online where 99% of homebuyers begin their search. 

Heyen Real Estate raises the bar to a new, unseen level with 3D models.  In our 3D models a buyer can virtually browse every room of you home looking side to side, up and down and “walking” through your house at their leisure online.  This is unmatched locally.  Having this as a seller does several things for you:

  • Increases the quality of buyer who walks through your door
    • They already know they love the layout, that the kitchen and baths work for them etc. before even stepping foot inside.
  • Increases interaction with your home online and sets your listing apart
    • No other agent in Omaha is offering this technology to their listings.
  • Decreases the inconvenience on your family
    • By showing buyers EVERY aspect of your home you only have people who are truly interested in your home coming through.  This means that you don’t have to leave for looky-loos and people who don’t like where your laundry room is!

If your home has unique features or something that just can’t be explained via pictures – this is perfect for you!  If you have a split-level, but want to show how spacious it is – this is perfect for you! If you believe that a buyer could benefit from seeing a floor plan rendition of your home similar to a new build online – this is perfect for you!

A good way to gauge how serious an agent takes this aspect of a listing is to look at his/her other active listings.

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