Tips to Keep a Pet Friendly Home Clean

Buying a home isn’t always just for us, and oftentimes our pets end up playing a large role in our purchase. Selling a home with pets can be even more challenging. Is there a good outdoor space to let your dog run and play? Large windows that let in the summer sunshine for your cat to bask in? You name it, we often end up looking for certain features to ensure that all our family members, including our pets, are left with the home of their dreams. While our pets may enjoy the home, unfortunately shedding and everyday pet maintenance can make your home look (and smell) far less than appealing. Here are a few easy ways to keep your home clean even with furry residents. Tips to Keep a Pet-Friendly Home Clean


If your pet likes to lay in certain areas more than others, try using throw blankets to cover those specific spots, for example, if your pet lays on the right cushion of the couch, a simple throw blanket allows for your couch to be protected as well as remain free from pet hair. Simply toss the blanket in the wash and replace a fresh clean one as needed. As simple as it may be, lint rollers are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping pet hair off of furniture. Finding a good quality roller can easily clean up any hair from chairs, couches, beds, etc. Quick and easy clean!


Robotic vacuums will be your best friend! Pending on the type of flooring you have you can even choose a vacuum/mop combo to help keep your floors looking their best with minimal effort. The only downside is that corners are often missed, so to help eliminate pet hair from piling up in the corners, simply check the corners of your high traffic rooms every few days and wipe up any collected hair and debris. 

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We often have such love for our furry friends that we tend to grow too used to any odors that they may cause. Whether a cat box, wet dog smell, you name it, even if your house is clean, a bad smell or odor is far less than appealing for friends or family who may stop by for a visit.

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One of the easiest things owners is to try is using odor-eliminating cat litter to help with any litter box smells. A good air freshener/air purifier is key. You want to make sure you aren’t masking the smell, but rather eliminating the smell. Pending on your pet and odors that seem to be the most noticeable, you can try a large array of different brands and styles of air fresheners until you find one that works best for you. 

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