Trader Joe’s Omaha; The Neighborhood Grocery with Flair

Out on 103rd and Pacific, the always crowded parking lot is a sign of how much Omaha residents love this place. Incredibly healthy produce, snacks from around the globe, and an awesome wine and beer selection are waiting for you here when you wander in. Hopefully your culinary curiosity level is high, because you’ll find other great things here like New England clam chowder, vitamins and health supplements, lip balm, French food and soaps, and benefit from their mantra of “skipping the middle man”. Known to be very environmentally friendly and also known to have very helpful and easy to approach staff, their funky and hip store brand has attracted much attention, and retained many loyal repeat customers.


Named illustriously after the founder Joe Coulumbe, this store was originally founded in Los Angeles in 1958, and bore a striking resemblance to the prominent 7-11 chain. While on vacation, Joe noticed that Americans were bringing home lots of tastes for food and wine that the supermarkets were having a bit of trouble supplying during those years. The first store truly named “Trader Joe’s” opened in Pasadena, California in 1967, and remains in that spot to this day. They offered unique butchers who would rent space in the store, fresh squeezed orange juice, and became popular in the neighborhood amongst those looking for a change of pace in shopping. The chain changed ownership in 1979, purchased by Aldi Nord. The first stores in Arizona opened in 1993, and 3 years later on the East Coast outside Boston.


Between 1990 and 2001, the store increased their numbers by four times, and profits by tenfold. 4 years ago, Fortune Magazine claimed that per square foot, Trader Joe’s sold around $1750 of product, more than double that of Whole Foods, a direct competitor. Also ranked very high in customer service, they are known for being aggressive in making sure every shopper finds what they are looking for. They also claim to have phased out many Chinese suppliers, known for tainted goods. Their unique brand of Mexican foods like tamales, Chinese, Pilgrim Joe’s New England goods, and Josephs Brau Beer are favorites as well; and they have really succeeded at creating their own brand and providing discounts while doing so. Known for their “two buck chuck” wine, keeping stocked with many great Napa wines, and now having over 400 locations nationwide, this is one great place to shop. With the fall season here now, you could find a new favorite snack or cider in no time!

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