Turner Park at Midtown Crossing; Summer events for Everyone

World class and Midwestern proud, Turner Park lies underneath the beautiful Midtown crossing condo development. This is one area that anyone looking for outdoor entertainment will not want to skip over, with a full summer itinerary for families, singles, or anyone with a craving for fresh air. Hip happenings like “Yoga Rocks the Park” are perfect for enjoying this lush and eco friendly space. Sundays at 4pm and open to the public, this fun kick off your shoes event also features live music with acts like Talking Mountain, Dub Sutra, and DJEM. One of the things that folks attending enjoy the most is also the organic food vendors, and instruction is provided by local pros such as Lora Haase and Tina Porter. Tons of well toned participants flock here on beautiful Omaha days, and there are even instructors to keep the kids busy as well.

In the excellent retail area adjacent to the park, every Wednesday after 4 pm in the warm season is ladies night, with retail therapy, drink specials, and great promotions from the world class vendors. Awesome jewelry shops like The Afternoon and ultra hip wine vendor Brix have promotions for women, as well as buy one get one free at Cold Stone Creamery and free tastings at Chef 2. Also on the warm weather agenda are movies on Monday at sunset; last year family favorites like “The Goonies” and “Jaws” were shown as patrons sprawled on the warm grass. Complete with a gigantic outdoor screen, this is a great opportunity to laugh, cry, or even shudder at a scary flick. What could be better than enjoying popcorn with the sounds of crickets and skyscrapers in the background? A very basic yet ultra fun summer feature at Turner Park.

The “End of Summer” concert series is always an opportunity to get a much needed break outdoors, and see inspiring and hard working talent. Last year The Omaha Opera wowed spectators in September, as well as Chris Mccarty. You can bring your own refreshments, and there is parking for around 3000 vehicles on site. From August 23rd to September 27th, this series is on Friday nights at 7 pm, and the area opens for seating two hours prior to that. It is no secret that Omaha is becoming a hotbed of talent, and it is not just sports that dominate the incoming residents’ desire to live here! The galleries in the Old Market, performances at places like the Slowdown nearby and overall well cultivated arts scene is thriving in this city, and Turner Park provides a chance for locals to meet many of these talented individuals. There is nothing cooler than hopping on a bike and being able to enjoy events like this; as the outdoors is a prime element to balance any Nebraska resident. For anyone on a low or high budget, it’s a great opportunity to explore this extravagant development west of downtown.

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