Unforgettable Christmas Event: Mannheim Steamroller at The Orpheum

Truly America’s favorite holiday tradition, this year is extra special as it marks the 30th anniversary of their tours. This December 22nd and 23rd, the number one Christmas artist in history will perform in our city, with a festive as ever ensemble and truly stirring and one of a kind holiday music. The multimedia is stellar, leaving you dazzled and feeling as if you just walked out of the world of “Polar Express” or a modern day “Nutcracker” montage. This is one performance that you won’t want to miss, as the group will descend on Slosburg Hall for an awe inspiring stage run of two days for those who have waited eagerly all year. Leaving you craving egg nogg, gift wrapping sessions and candles lit in solace, they are one very dynamic holiday act that is a real marvel to behold.


Selling over 28 million albums just here in the US, the group began as a fun alter ego for  Chip Davis, the iconic producer and composer of the group. The name comes from a German Technique of rising the melodic line over a bass line, resulting in a different sound scheme overall and true unique finished product or track. A true pioneer, Chip founded his own label of American Gramophone when no one would else would back him, and his choice turned out to be a great one. Fresh Aire and Fresh Aire II explored the seasons with sounds and were a grand success, as people reveled in the synth, sound exploration and festive style of Mannheim. Exploring Greek Mythology, the benefits of having a truly upper end light show, and enveloping the listener in layers of spirit that really no other act has been able to achieve, Mannheim Steamroller wows audiences time and time again with their skillful command of the holiday music genre.


Here in Omaha, the bricks of the Old Market and the decorations on out to Millard light the evening with a festive flair. This holiday performance will be unforgettable, and stoke many family memories in the future. “A Fresh Aire Christmas” and “Christmas in the Aire” were so popular nation wide that they were the quintessential sounds of the seasons in homes across the nation. Last year the “Christmas Symphony II” was released with a special extended version that wowed listeners with its holiday theme and stellar sound. Make this Christmas one to remember, and get front and center at this awesome Orpheum offering.

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