Union Pacific Museum – A Blast From The Past

It was a gorgeous day in Omaha today, so we knew that we wanted to get out and do something with the kids. My son, who is almost three, absolutely loves anything that deals with transportation.  Trains, cars, boats, planes, you name it.  If it moves things from one destination to another he is ALL over it.  Having just found out that there is a Union Pacific Museum in Council Bluffs, we thought this would be the perfect activity for the kids.

Living in Omaha, we very rarely make it over to Council Bluffs, but the museum was very easy to find.  It is located in the Old Library right off of the old square.  Parking was easy and admission is free which makes it a great option if you are looking for fun things to do with the kids on a budget.  They do request donations to keep the museum running and it is run mostly by volunteers.

The museum is two floors and is very well setup showing different stages of the railway, it’s significance throughout time and many interactive exhibits.  For us, having a three year old and one year old, much of the museum was lost on them.  I think it would probably be much better for a child who was pre-k or older who could appreciate the lovely displays and history behind the objects in the museum.  That being said, we did get a good hour of entertainment out of the museum from the interactive driving system, the train table and the caboose.

I would definitely recommend checking it out, the atmosphere was welcoming, it was well presented and for a free museum it really had a lot to offer.  I look forward to taking our son back when he is a little older and can really appreciate it

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