West Omaha Happy Hour Hunt: Charleston’s

If you’re just getting off from a long day in the cubicle at Yahoo or any of the other companies that proudly occupy the West Dodge corridor, you’re going to be thirsty, hungry, and looking for a place that rocks. Especially after a particularly hard dose of extra duties, added amount of spreadsheets, and heaped emails in your inbox, you’re bound to have a craving for a beverage that will ease you pleasantly on into weekend mode. Staples like the French Dip and Rueben are here along with the welcome Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club, a great week-ender that has seasoned chicken, avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese and honey mustard in a delicious creation to put something in your stomach before perhaps belting out some karaoke down the way. The Shrimp Cargot and Spinach Artichoke Dip are prime offenders for best appetizers for Charleston’s, ideal for chomping on something while you’re indulging in suds.

Speaking of beer, Sam Adams, Stella Artois, Guinness, Boulevard and more are waiting for you on tap here, with an inclusive wine list to boot. Penfolds, Fetzer, and wonderful Coppola from California are among the red offerings. For the discerning taster in you and pairing well with meat dishes, Ferrari Carano and Simi are offered on the Cabernet spectrum, along as Fetzer and Levit8. For a Chardonnay angle in your happy hour hunt, there is a Sonoma Cutrer from Russian River, and Estancia and Kendall Jackson. The ultimate tribute for starting a relaxing weekend and truly calling it a day, there’s nothing quite like a glass of wine for the soul and to heighten the level of warmth in your social hour. West Dodge has become a beacon for great establishments to dine, and an incredibly quick and modern example of infrastructure, the characters you’ll meet here are going to be lingering behind for a good reason: to drink in the good life of the Cornhusker state while perhaps halfway through their commute.

Now since it’s alluring enough to quickly re direct our focus to, we’ll go back to the menu. You can get a chicken fried steak here that will make you a believer instantly, hand breaded and with chipotle black pepper gravy. The fish and chips is a nice beer battered Atlantic Cod, and the shrimp scampi is a perfect blend of sautéed shrimp, garlic, lemon, tomato, parmesan, and basil. The baby back ribs with baked beans and fries is always a truly tender treat, slow cooked for the duration and ready to make you feel as if you’re indulging in them with the sounds of the bayou and back woods all around you. Getting a little bit of both things you really love is never a bad thing, and for this reason Charleston’s has the ribs and chicken combo, served up with mashed potatoes and baked beans. Other great items like the enchilada plate, chicken piccata, and of course prime cuts of steak as they are known for will have you making your way to Charleston’s in a hurry; our latest installment of the hunt for an ultra sweet and friendly happy hour.

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